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Rice of Lifeはパサデナで毎週金曜日にやっているインターナショナル・ミニストリーです。クリスチャンもそうでない人も大歓迎!Rice of Life is an international ministry on Fridays in Pasadena, CA.Join us!
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Easter Special Game Night!!!

It was a special fun event this Friday. Everyone pitched in and brought food for a potluck style Easter dinner... since it was Friday, I guess I should call it a Good Friday dinner.
After dinner we had an Easter egg hunt... while there were children there the egg hunt included adults attending as well. I was surprised to see the competition of the adults.

Click here to view a video of the egg hunt

After all the eggs where found we discovered that they where not filled with chocolate but questions about Easter... we then answered them together as a group.

Afterward game time we where blessed to here Jason Barraca's testimony and life story. Jason is currently a 2nd year MDIV student at Fuller Theological Seminary. He was born in Germany to a mother who is half Korean and half Japanese and a father who is
half Filipino and half Irish. His hometown is Salinas CA, but currently resides in Pasadena. He attended Sacramento State and received a BS in Criminal Justice. He served as a police officer in California for two years and served in the US Army for six years. How Jason has experienced the Lord through his life has been pretty extraordinary in light of difficult and hard situations that he has been through... the lord has been very faithful to him and I believe the Lord will use him greatly for his kindom.

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Tim shares his testimony

Here at Rice of Life we are all about the food! this week we are thankful to Sayuri and Hiroko to making Thai chicken Rice for our Friday fellowship... everyone really enjoyed it.

We was also very grateful to Yoshino who leads us in worship each week at Rice of Life. She is very talented in music and sings with a gospel choir that sometimes goes on tour.
We play a lot of games at Rice of Life...... when things get competitive that is when you really get to know someone and created an atmosphere where people can fell natural and experience the love of God is our aim. Thanks you Tim and Nana for leading game time.

Thank you Tim also for sharing your testimony. Tim had a Christian family growing up but stuggled a bit in his faith in his late high school and early college years. This was also when he met his girlfriend, Nana, who wasn't a Christian at the time. This caused some tension with Tim, his family, and his relationship with God. But the Lord gave them tremendous grace in a hard situation. The Lord touched Nana's heart and she became a Christian. Family problems where resolved and Tim and Nana married about a year ago.

# by riceoflife | 2010-03-26 07:22

Rev. Hiroshi Nakagawa

Last Friday we Good Shepard Church provided dinner for our weekly meeting... such a good dinner!

We where also joined by Rev. Hiroshi Nakagawa who gave a very encouraging message about how the Lord is about to bring about revival in Japan and the hearts of Japanese people will have a true wisdom in Christ. His message was an encouragement to everyone attending that night, a friend of ours who has attended Rice of Life became a Christian too for Nakagawa's message... who felt led to speak from his heart in stead of the message he had originally prepared

Hiroshi Nakagawa was born in 1972 Shizuoka-ken Hamamatsu-shi. From 1975 to 1978, Hiroshi and and his family lived in the United States while Kenichi Nakagawa, Hiroshi's father, attended to seminary. After moving back to Japan Hiroshi remained there until Graduating from high school. During this time, Harvest Time Ministries was founded by Kenichi Nakagawa. Hiroshi returned to the United States in 1991 and started ESL classes at a Community Collage and in 1998 he graduated from California State University Fullerton with a BA in Sociology. He married the same year and entered Biola University, Talbot school of Theology. He then became the National direct of Harvest Time Ministries USA in 2000, graduate Talbot in December 2001 with MA in Christian Ministry and Leadership, and currently is Serving as the National director of Harvest Time Ministries USA. Please click here to learn more about Harvest Time Ministries

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Salsa Night!!!

This Friday was packed with great food from the Good Steward Church, Salsa dancing, and a powerful message and testimony from our own Rie Kim… It was a great Rice of Life Friday before Valentine’s Day.

We had a really big turnout, yet those from the Good Steward Church always provide more than enough food for us.

Fellowshipping over good food is a welcomed tradition at Rice of Life.
We were blessed to have a professional dance teacher ,Jenny, lead us in the basics of salsa dancing… it was a lot of fun for everyone.

Click here to see Jenny showing her moves.

Afterwards we were very blessed to hear Rie Kim’s testimony of how she became a Christian and met her husband, Christian Kim.

Rie share very openly and humbly about regretful decisions she made in here early twenties and how it lead her to become very self destructive and suicidal. Out of desperation she joined a salsa dancing club to get rid of the terrible feelings she lived with. During that class she and became close friends with lady in the club who really cared about her. She was a Christian and Rie was truly able to feel the love of God in her share some of her deepest regrets and not feeling condemnation from her and at the age of 25 became a Christian… though she did not fully understand forgiveness of sin. Rie recalled thinking that she was a good person and though that it was arrogant that Jesus said “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” and that only through him could God be found. But in Rie’s friend she did not see arrogance in her. On a trip to Brazil Rie got very sick with food poisoning and felt even felt that she would die. It was then God gave her a vision of her life, Rie recalls that it was like a kaleidoscope of past regrets that she had and it was then that she realized that she was a sinner. God led her not to feel afraid, she recovered from the food poisoning and then started reading the bible. Romans 12:1 really stood out to her to live her life for God along with 1 Peter 1:16 to live holy as the Lord is holy.
Years later when Rie met her husband to be she was still living her life for God and was not searching to be married. She even shared with Christian bits of her past that she was not proud of to try and scare him away… by he accepted her just as her friend from the salsa club did and ultimately as Jesus had accepted her.
The acceptance of Jesus and his love has completely transformed Rie’s life. She is not studying at fuller seminary with a research emphasis on missionaries learning the Japanese language and culture to help assist them in sharing the gospel in Japan that others may have their lives transformed by the love of Christ as she has.
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Korean food day!! and Mariko message!!!!

Korean food day is the best day of the month to Join Rice of Life to gets some good eats... although we always have good food, I've never had oranges like these before
They even brought very nice food trays from their church, its like we were being served by a 5 star restaurant. Rice of Life is always grateful for the members of Good Steward Church for serving our ministry.
As great as Korean food day is, it was bitter/sweet as it was the last time we would be joined by Kelley & Haruko Forde. Haruko has often translated the announcements and bible messages during our meetings, she is fluent in both Japanese and English and has a true gift being able to listen and translate simultaneously. She also has a very sweat spirit and her and Kelley will be greatly missed.
We are always blessed to have Kouichi Ikeda lead our game times, he makes Rice of Life a very fun place to be. this week he and his wife led worship, it was a very blessed time I recorded a bit of one of my favorite Japanese worship songs.
(Click here to see our acapella worship)
Lastly we where very blessed to have Mariko Yoshida Ichiba give a message from Genesis 28:10-16. Its the story of when Jacob was facing very hard time in life but God comforted him with a dream/vision that he could have assurance that despite difficult circumstances, feeling estranged, having regret, and deserving punishment he could still have hope because the Lord was with him. Though he did not deserve the Lord's grace and comfort the Lord still gave it to him freely... and the Lord does the same with us today. Mariko also shared about the Lord's work in her family's lives and how he gave comfort and grace to Mariko's Grandma who was suicidal at the time she encountered the Love of Christ in a way that completely transformed her. Mariko lives in the legacy that the Lord started and her Grandma, the Lord truly is faithful to the children and children's children of those who receive his love and forgiveness.

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There is nothing the God can not fix, heal, and restore!

We were very blessed to have "Friday Japanese Fellowship" join us from Citrus college

Akiko made her famous Thai curry and it was very delicious!

We are very blessed to have Kouichi continue to be our game master, he always leads us in very fun group activities. After wards there was celebration for all the birthdays in January

Finally, we were very blessed to have Hisho Uga share his testimony with us. He grew up in Tokyo Japan going to a school for missionaries called Christian Academy Japan. Becoming a Christian in the second grade he felt relieved that he would go to heaven and therefore never really though about God or went to church until middle school.

Middle school presented him with new challenges and he struggled a bit personally, it was during this same time that for unexplained reasons Hisho just wanted to learn more about God. Randomly he just started going to church one Sunday and kept going because he learned something new about God in a refreshing new way he had not considered before.

There where several event that the Lord used to grew a desire in Hisho to know god more. His class was given a homework assignment to list the top 10 important things in his life. When the assignment was due his teacher called on a few students to tell the class only their top 3. Hisho noticed that the Christian student always had God as their number one thing on the list what the non-Christian students didn't even have God listed at all... Hisho's top three were Friends, soccer, and God; he had a desire however for God to be number one. (In God's irony Hisho is now finishing college at Azusa Pacific who's motto is "God first")

Another important influence on Hisho for God was an older friend of his, Noah. Noah changed the impression that Hisho had of Christian being people who never knew how to have fun, but Noah chose to spend a lot of time with him and they did a lot of fun things together, including doing a bible study.

Hisho was on fire to help serve in ministry at a Christian camp for the youth after graduating high school from Christian Academy Japan and starting college at Azusa Pacific. But the first day at the camp, for an unexplained reason, Hisho felt really far from God. As He prayed about it Hisho remembers the Lord clearing speaking in his mind saying "if you want to serve me you need to make peace with your parents." Hisho was shocked! Hisho's parents divorced during his first year of middle school and since then Hisho shut his Mom out of his life and was rebellious towards his Dad. Hisho started thing about getting baptized at the youth camp and then heard the Lord speak to him again that both of his parents needed to be at the baptism. At first resisting the Lord's leading to reconcile with his parents Hisho could not bear to feel far from God anymore and soon after the camp started initiating with his Mom again.

Hisho reconciling with his more was a bit scary, but he found confidence in the Lord knowing that God was in control and leading him. They met each other a few day before Hisho was to be baptized, it was the first time he had been with both his Mom and Dad in 7 years and the lord blessed their time together. The next Day, June 29th 2009, Hisho was baptized with his parents there along with Noah and all his friends from school.

This was a hard yet blessed experienced for Hisho, but he learned a valuable lesson... There should be no fear for a Christian because God is always with you. And that apart from a relationship with God there is nothing strong enough to keep you from worry and despair because there is nothing the God can not fix, heal, and restore.

Hisho pictured above on the left, will return to Japan this summer after finishing at Azusa Pacific. Before return however he desires to start a ministry with Japanese students at Cal State Northridge
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Seek 09 Pasadena Reunion

We had a big turn out for our Seek 09 reunion and it was a lot of fun to reconnect with new and old friends who had attended the Seek outreach event several weeks ago

A special thanks to the the members of Good Shepherd church from Hacienda Heights for providing food and serving it to us this night that it could bless our fellowship. 本当にちょうおいし、度もありがとう。

Through out the night there was a time for group games (a lot of fun and very competitive), worship in song (Rice of life has very talented worship leaders), and surprise birthday celebration for those who's birthday is in the month of November.... there where four November birthdays and therefore sang happy birthday four times

We where blessed to have have Kuni Onishi, who was the leader of planning Seek 09, available to give a short message about God's love for his people. That even though we try to meet the standards and expectation of our friends and family, we always fail. Kuni's main point was that ultimately we fail in meeting God's standards but because he loves us, he chose to come and live a perfect life in our place, died in our place of the punishment our failures deserved, and then rose from death that we may experience the new life of complete forgiveness and love of God poured out on us. Kuni has a very animated style of delivering the gospel message and between him and his equally humorous translator, the message was very deep but light hearted at the same time.

The rest of the evening was fun to hang out and fellowship with each other taking any opportunity the Lord gave to answer questions and follow up with those who had questions about the gospel. It is our continued prayer that God's love would touch the hearts of those attending who still do not know Christ... and that through Seek 09 and Seek 09 reunion those who attended would seek the truth for themselves. For Jesus promises that "seek, and you will find."
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Now Update!!

4/24 Tiana's Day NEW!!
4/17 Sho Ichikawa
4/17 Sho's Day
4/10 Easter Part2 3/2 by Mariko Yoshida
4/10 Easter Part 2 2/2
4/10 Easter Part2 1/3
4/10 Easter Egg Coloring Part1

Please click the link when you go to the entry.
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The schedule in July

金曜日のイベントは、毎週19時から、Fuller Theological Seminaryで行われています。
住所:135 N Oakland Ave. Pasadena, CA 91182  地図

7月3日(金) お休み

7月4日(土) Rice of Life July 4th Special
第一部 4:00pm~ @Fuller Theological Seminary
ポットラック  ※各自飲み物、食べ物なんでもいいので一品持参して下さいね。

第二部 花火

7月10日(金) きみこさんの日

7月17日(金) 茉莉子さんの日
ポットラック  ※各自飲み物、食べ物なんでもいいので一品持参して下さいね。

7月24日(金) 通常通りありますが、詳細は未定です。

7月31日(金) 通常通りありますが、詳細は未定です。


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The schedule in June

金曜日のイベントは、毎週19時から、Fuller Theological Seminaryで行われています。
住所:135 N Oakland Ave. Pasadena, CA 91182  地図

Click here for more info
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URBANA09 ~the deadline for best rate~




● 大学生
● 大学の教職員
● 高校3年生(Senior・・・つまり17歳以上)
● 牧師や教会のリーダー
● 留学生
● 最近大学を卒業した人
● ユース、大学生ミニストリーワーカー
● インターバーシティの卒業生
● 宣教師、宣教師にこれからなる人、






ushq@jcfn.org にメール または http://www.jcfn.org まで。

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